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What IS RealFoodSA?

RealFoodSA is a buying club for families in San Antonio and surrounding areas. They conduct bulk/co-op style product purchases to attain better pricing. They seek to purchase the following:

  • organically grown produce
  • grass-fed meats
  • pastured eggs and poultry
  • wild-caught seafood
  • grass-fed raw dairy
  • unrefined oils & sweeteners
  • whole grains and legumes
  • raw nuts and seeds
  • fermented foods
  • traditional whole foods
  • organic herbs and spices
  • local & seasonal products
  • Member produced goods
How It Works:

"Buying Opps" are organized through their Yahoo Group by volunteer coordinators. They invite others to purchase to qualify for discounts in price & shipping.  There is a  fee of $2-$5 per order, per customer to cover labor, supplies, or travel.

NOTE: Membership is free BUT this will likely change due to the club's fast growth and strenuous management demands. Given the value, accessibility to such products and savings, a membership fee is WORTH IT and I highly recommend joining.

Current Products:

These are some of the products for which Buying Opps are coordinated. 

  • Certified Raw Milk (Miller Farms Dairy, Steubing Dairy, Styrk Dairy)
  • Raw Goat's Milk (Various small farmers)
  • Certified Organic Vegetables (Martinez Farms, Springfield Farm, Produce Co-Ops)
  • Organically Grown Vegetables (Naegelen Farms, Bendele Farm)
  • Organic, pastured eggs Non-Soy/ Organic Feed (Parker Creek Ranch)
  • Pastured eggs (Miller Farms, Steubing, Rockin B Ranch, & members)
  • Pastured Poultry (Parker Creek Ranch, Dominion Acres, Hanson Family Farm)
  • Grass-Fed Beef (Cross O Ranch, Koch Ranches, Chisholm Cattle Company, Paidom, Better Way Beef, Rancho Ojo De Agua )
  • Pastured Lamb (Broken B Ranch,)
  • Grass-Fed Meats Online (US Wellness Meats)
  • Fermented Cod Liver & Butter Oils (Green Pastures)
  • Mountain Rose Herbs Products at 15%-30% discount
  • Sprouted Grains & Flours ( To Your Health Sprouted Flour Company)
  • Organic Grade B Maple Syrup  Old State Farms
  • Raw, Cultured Grass-fed butter from Bareville Creamery in PA (seasonal)
  • Raw Wildflower Honey - Round Rock Honey
  • Raw Honey from Gretchen Bee Ranch & Priest Honey
  • Wilderness Family Naturals Products @ Wholesale Prices
  • Sprouted Nuts & Seeds, Fruits & Mixes  Higher Power Raw Foods
  • Bulk Grains (Wheat Montana) (seasonal)
  • Pure Indian Foods Products (Grass-fed Ghee, Cooking Oils, Spices)
  • Almond & Coconut Products & more (Honeyville Grain) 

How To Join:
All buying opportunities are coordinated through the Yahoo Group. Members are then eligible to join their private Facebook Discussion group. To request Yahoo Group Membership, click below:

Click to join RealFoodSA

Click to join RealFoodSA

Still Have Questions?
E-Mail the Group Moderator:  
RealFoodSA AT Yahoo DOT com or
To read/leave reviews for products purchased through RFSA, click PRODUCT REVIEWS.

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  1. Is this group still active? I have not received any notices.