Mar 13, 2010

Edelen Farm- 3E

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Business Info: 3 E Edelen Farm
Location: Alice, TX
Contact Person: Greg Edelen
E-Mail or Phone #: or 361-668-8615


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the beef from Edelen Farms. The steaks were wonderful but my favorite was the ground beef because of it's texture and taste. It was ground just right and 'crumbled' beautifully as it was cooked. It is lean and tender...not dry. The taste was bright and beefy as it should be.

  2. Greg Edelen frequents the Farmer's Market closest to my house, so I have tried all his products. My favorites are his grass-fed beef and chickens. I love it that I can also buy raw honey and sometimes pork and raw dairy products if I need those. Sometimes I can get all my "alternative" (to HEB or Whole Foods) shopping done in one stop!