Mar 24, 2013


What IS RealFoodSA?

RealFoodSA  is an informal real food/product buying club for families in San Antonio  and surrounding areas. We coordinate bulk or co-op style purchases for healthy, real food and/or related products in order to attain the best pricing for everyone.

What are "Real Food" / products?

Real food / Products are:
  • organically grown produce
  • grass-fed meats
  • pastured eggs and poultry
  • wild-caught seafood
  • raw/organic grass-fed dairy
  • unrefined oils & sweeteners
  • whole grains and legumes
  • raw nuts and seeds
  • naturally fermented foods
  • traditional whole foods
  • organic herbs, spices, oils
  • local & seasonal products
  • Member produced goods

How does it work?

"Buying Opportunities" for these products  are coordinated through our Yahoo Group by volunteer group members. Others are invited to participate in the buy to qualify for discounts in price & shipping. After product arrival, coordinators and customers work together to distribute the products.

At this time there is no cost to join, although this will likely change in the near future due to the fast growth of the club and work required to manage it. Currently, there is only a co-op fee per order, per customer of $2-$5 as determined by the coordinator to cover  time,  labor, supplies, or travel. Any member may volunteer to set up a BO for products.

To see a listing of the current products for which buying opportunities are coordinated through our group, please visit our PRODUCTS page. This is an evolving list.


To read or leave reviews for products purchased through our club or independently, please follow the directions on the left sidebar. 

For questions or information requests,
contact: RealFoodSA AT Yahoo DOT com

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