Feb 9, 2010

7A Ranch Heritage Beef

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Business Info: 7A Ranch Heritage Beef - Lean Wholesome Natural Beef
Location: 545 Private Road 4420 Hondo, TX
Website: http://www.7aranch.com/
Contact Person: The Graff Family
E-Mail: natural@7aranch.com
Phone: 830-741-8501 Fax 1-830-741-8464

An authentic South Texas working cattle ranch

1 comment:

  1. I was very satisfied with 7A Ranch's beef. Their steaks are wonderful and cooked beautifully. They are packaged in butcher paper which gave it a hometown feel for me. The ground beef is lean and the flavor stood up to the seasonings I added to it. It wasn't dry either. I can't wait to make another order this summer.