Feb 9, 2010

Edelen Farm - 3E

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Business Info: 3 E Edelen Farm
Location: Alice, TX
Website: http://www.localharvest.org/farms/M3656
Contact Person: Greg Edelen
E-Mail or Phone #: edelenfarm@hotmail.com or 361-668-8615


  1. We've tried one of his broilers and it was very tender and juicy! We had enough left over for a nice chicken & vegetable soup the next day.

  2. Our broiler made a great roast chicken. We used our leftovers to make curried chicken salad and that was a hit as well. I also got a gallon of raw milk and used it to make mozzarella cheese, which was some of the tastiest homemade cheese yet!

  3. We bought a 4 lb chicken from this farm. We boiled one for chicken soup. You can tell right away this is pasture raised because no fat floated to the top as it does with store bought chickens proving it a healthy bird on grass. We were very pleased with their product.

  4. I wanted to add that we recently bought more broilers from this farm. This is far the best poultry out of the other farms I have tried still. Quality is excellent. This is about the closet too unless you find someone to run up to the other farms 2 pick up for you. This one is located off of I-10 Boerne stage rd is where he sets up his booth.