Feb 9, 2010

Alexander Family Farm - Austin, TX

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Business Info: Alexander Family Farm
Location: 3700 Victorine Lane, Garfield (east of Austin), TX 78617
Website: http://www.localharvest.org/farms/M7993 or
Blog Video- http://alexanderfarmdoc.wordpress.com/
Contact Person: Kim Alexander
E-Mail or Phone #: alexanderfamilyfarm@yahoo.com or 512/247-4455


  1. So far we've tried stew hens from Mr. Alexander's farm and they indeed produced an extremely flavorful meal. They are best slow-cooked in a crockpot all day until they fall off the bone tender. Perfect for soup or uh stew! :)

  2. We bought 3 broilers from Alexanders farm. They were all frozen. They need to work on their packaging 2 try to get it out fresher so they dont have to freeze, very bloody not washed very well when opening the package. I boiled it to make soup. Took a very long time for meat to start coming off, was a bit chewy the meat, good taste though in the stock, I know it was healthy from the way it was raised, no fat floated to the top. I think they left this particual chicken on the scalder too long. Leaving it in hot scalder too long can make it chewy. I am hoping my other two won't be like this one. I will post another review when I do.