Feb 9, 2010

Sanders Chicken Farm - Hondo, TX

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Business Info: Sanders Farm
Location: Hondo, TX
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  1. We tried an 18pk of these eggs. They were large to extra large indeed. Great value for the price. The yolks were not as dark as I hoped.

  2. Tried some of these eggs, they are ok, better then store bought for sure & its supporting a local farmer. The eggs are very large, the yolk is light yellow not darker orange like I am used too. The taste is different. I use them for baking when I need extra. Great price

  3. I really love these eggs. Definitely on the larger side, and my picky son loved to eat them!

  4. My son refuses to eat eggs unless they come from Sanders. Great price, great taste and genuinely nice family to work with.

  5. Large eggs. Great price (currently selling for $2.25/doz). Back in Feb the yolks were a lighter yellow as mentioned by other reviewers, but now that the weather has warmed up and the grass is growing...the yolks are a lovely orange.

  6. At first I was suprised to see the eggs were a light yellow color instead of an orange but they stand up like you would expect from naturally fed chickens and they tasted great. They definitely are large and the price is great, too. My family has been eating more and more eggs and we will definitely keep going back for more Sanders eggs.