Feb 9, 2010


Chisholm Cattle Company
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Business Info:  Great prices on tasty, natural beef.  Purchase by the 1/4 share and save!  Dry aged for better flavor.  Antibiotic and hormone free.  Pampered, happy cattle have lots of room to roam and are never confined to a feed lot.
LocationWimberley (Hays County).  FREE monthly deliveries to various pickup locations in and around San Antonio and Central Texas.
Website: http://www.chisholmcattle.com/1/Home.html
or  http://www.chisholmcattle.com
Contact Person: Joan Chisholm 
Phone #: 512-847-1182


  1. We purchased 1/4 share and so far so good! The ground beef made very juicy burgers so far! We're exciting to try all the different cuts! We received almost 100lbs! (including pet bones) Ordering was a breeze and free delivery, even!

  2. This is our first purchase of a beef share from Chisholm Cattle Company, LLC. We perchased 1/8th share and really love all the cuts. The ground hamburger meat is very delicious, we prepared it with just salt, pepper, onion and some mint leaves. We also received free organ meat and I really liked the liver. Also the roast was very tasty, we will order again.