Feb 9, 2010

Scott Arbor Farm

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Business Info: Scott Arbor CSA
Location: Austin, TX but 2 delivery locations in SA
Website: http://www.scottarbor.com/csa.html
Contact Info:
E-mail. scottarbor@gvec.net
Telephone. (830) 379-0588


  1. I loved the first "share" I received from Scott Arbor. My husband and I discovered this CSA two days before the first delivery was set to occur. When I called Scott Arbor on the phone asking to join, Ellan said they had space available and was happy to include me, even on such short notice. I was also offered a strawberry share for an additional $30. We received some really beautiful produce in our first box--bok choy, swiss chard, green onions, broccoli. Following the pick up I got an email from Clyde at Scott Arbor discussing the produce and ways to cook it. I have been nothing but pleased with how they have communicated with me and with the product they delivered. I look forward to the next 11 weeks of "winter" CSA eating!!

  2. Today I went out to Scott Arbor farm for a work day. Members of the CSA are not required to attend work days, but if you do attend and help out, the incentives are well worth your effort! Clyde, Ellan, and Josh are great people and I enjoyed talking with them about their farming practices. They are very transparent about how they grow. I got to drive the tractor and plant tomatoes! Great fun, and great to see how my vegetables are produced. I would highly recommend their CSA and if you are unsure, take a trip out to the farm first and see what's going on, ask questions, and be involved. You won't be sorry.