Feb 9, 2010

Everything Jesus Ranch

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Business Info:   Everything Jesus Ranch (Moo Jesus Dairy)
Location: 12061 FM 466, Seguin, TX 78155
Website: http://www.moojesus.com/
Contact Person: Gina
E-Mail: gina@moojesus.com - phone: 830-491-8557
Phone #: 830-379-9700 FAX  830-372-1024


  1. I personally was not very happy with Moo Jesus' products, however their ranch, their school, and lifestyle are to be admired. The very expensive milk ($10 or more a gallon) went bad within 2-3 days and I was told it was freshly milked that morning or the morning before. ( It was properly stored in a cooler for the trip.) I felt that their products were overpriced in general and their religious customs of not letting a customer leave without praying with them and other relgious hints on the trip made me feel a little intimidated.

  2. We went to Everything Jesus Ranch (Moo Jesus is the Dairy) and bought several products (milk, sauerkraut, raw butter, greens, meat). We were not satisfied with them. And do not plan to go back. We also regret their using religion as part of their marketing because their products are not at the high standard that we expect from Christians.

  3. I wish I could say nice things, they were so sweet and wonderful, and trying to be helpful, but I was not impressed with my visit to Moo Jesus. It could be my Type A city self :-)
    I sent them an e-mail on a Friday, letting them know we would be visiting on Saturday for lunch. The website makes it seem like they have an actual cafe/restaurant where you can order food and eat when you get there. So we had a light breakfast and arrived there at about 12:45. Pastor Gina greeted us warmly and asked us if we wanted to go milk a cow while she got lunch ready. We went to the barn and had a good time milking a cow and returned to the eating house. We then realized she was making one big meal for all that were arriving that day (there was no menu) and we ended up having lunch till 4:00. Can you say STARVING? My 1 yr old had finished all her snacks and was nursing every hour, I was getting lightheaded. Anyways, we bought some milk, butter, yogurt and beef. The milk tasted good...DISCLOSURE: This was the first time we tried raw milk, so we weren't sure what it was supposed to taste or smell like. We ended up leaving at about 6:00pm, and yes, they made us pray with them before we left (didn't bother me though, thought it was nice) There were people that were there to pick up milk that had been waiting for a couple of hours. I just didn't see us going through that every Saturday. On the positive note, the barn looked clean, the cow we milked had just been bathed, the infection control (handwashing, sanitation stuff) was solid. The milk lasted a full 10 days and tasted fine, the butter on the other hand, tasted bad after about 3 or 4 days. the yogurt had a funny iodine taste to it. Didn't trust feeding it to my baby. So I started looking for better alternatives. Thank goodness for realfood SA, you guys are brilliant.

  4. Beware of Moo Jesus Ranch. We bought leaf lard from them and it was soft and mushy, not from leaf fat of a pig, and possibly rancid. We contacted them about returning their product and all we received was silence. I question their ethics, the quality of their so called food. Their website portrays them as Christians in the Whole Food Movement. They wanted to pray with us for safe , stress free travel back and told us the wrong way to go to get to a gas station. Scary place.