Feb 9, 2010

D-S Steubing Dairy - Hondo, TX

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Business Info: D-S Steubing Dairy
D - S Steubing Dairy - 2034 CR 532 - (40 miles west of San Antonio off
Hwy. 90 W. Grade "A" Raw Milk Dairy. Pastured, grass-fed Holsteins & Holstein/Jersey cross cows. Providing fresh raw milk. E-mail: steubingm@peoplepc.com or call (830) 931-5327.


  1. We've only tried their surplus milk but what we did use made divine vanilla ice cream and wonderful butter! This milk has a high butterfat content and a rich golden hue.

  2. We have tried both the fresh and excess. We love the rich taste and nice butterfat content. So far, we have not only used it to drink, but made yoghurt, ice cream, kefir, sour cream, and baked/cooked with it. Sandy is a wonderful person to work with.

  3. My family loves this milk and we drink it everyday. The fresh milk has a nice bright creamy flavor like it is saying, "yes, I'm milk!". The excess milk also has a fresh creamy taste but not as bright as the fresh milk. I enjoy both and buy it regularly. The price is great, too.