Feb 9, 2010

Strykly Texas Cheese

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Business Info: Stykly Texas Cheese & Dairy
Location: 629 Krenek-Styrk Rd, Schulenburg, TX 78956
Website: http://www.texascheese.com
Contact Person: Bob Stryk
E-Mail: bobstryk@cvctx.com
Phone #: 979-561-8468 Fax: 979-561-8469


  1. If you can ever visit his farm you should go. Lovely family. Jersey cows give out such creamy milk, very rich & thick. Wonderful taste. I wished only that he dates his milk so I can see how old it is, its been awhile since I bought some so not sure if that has changed. He's raw cheeses are out of this world.

  2. I haven't been to their farm but have been getting milk for over 6 months now through co-op. I've been very pleased with the price (currently $6.50/gallon) and the taste. Styrk milk and cream makes great yogurt, creme fraiche, and cheese.

    My only criticism is that they lack a little in organization, for sure, as the truck is late, items promised not always there (cream, curds, whey) but I stick with them for their superb products and prices.

  3. I am still waiting on this farm to get back to me as I sent them an email. Through word of mouth, I have heard lots of positive comments about these farmers. I just wish I could get a reply to my email. I look forward to tasting what they have.