Feb 9, 2010

Miller Farm- La Coste, TX

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Miller Farm

12730 Fm 471 South
Lacoste, TX 78039

Contact Information

Eddie Miller
(210) 508-1733

Website: http://www.localharvest.org/farms/M32943


  1. My family appreciates the super freshness of this milk. You can pick up at the farm on the honor system and all the milk is dated by collection date to ensure freshness. It's creamy but not overpoweringly creamy and the color is bright with a slight golden hue.

  2. If your lactose this is a great product for you because its not as creamy so its easy to digest. The taste is good. Love the honor system & that it is open pretty much all the time. Love that he dates his milk to ensure quality freshness

  3. This was the first raw milk, Ive ever tasted, It was really good

  4. LOVE the milk from Mr. Miller. He is so sweet and provides fresh milk. Somedays I get it from him the same day it was milked!!! Great tasting and I won't go back to reg. milk ever! :)

  5. I would like to add the milk is now getting creamier due to it being spring & summer plus he is now starting to have mostly jersey cows instead of the other cross milking breeds at his farm. Its still my favorite milk of all the other dairys out there always fresh & dated!

    1. sounds like you've tried them all. which ones do you recommend and do they drive into S.A.?

  6. Miller milk has a great taste and it makes great dairy products like yogurt and ice cream. From a gallon of milk, usually 1/3 of that is cream. I agree that it is very fresh...Miller milk doesn't go sour for almost a month in my house.