Dec 9, 2010

Bareville Creamery in Pennsylvania

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Business Info: Bareville Creamery - produces grass-fed raw cultured butter
Location: Pennyslvannia
Website: none
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  1. Butter was yummy, although definitely different than regular butter. Bright yellow in color, mild flavor. I did not notice a sour tang at all. We did not cook with it, but instead reserved it for toast, pancakes, etc. so that we could enjoy the unique flavor. On the negative side, I noticed that the containers tended to be very flimsy. The first one was broken when we openned it and the second shattered when it fell 2 feet out of the refrigerator.

  2. We were pleased with the butter but not with the containers, so much. This butter is CULTURED much like yogurt so it does have a little tiny bit of a tangy flavor and if one is not accustomed to that it might be surprising but we did find the flavor very appealing. We've used it on toast, pancakes and even the children love it. It was beautiful bright yellow color, too.