Dec 10, 2010


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Business Info: Rancher's Roundtable
Established in 1791.
Location: P.O. Box 1139
Edinburg, Texas 78540
Website: http:///
Contact Person: James McAllen
Contact #: 956.802.5796 

Our cattle are owned and raised at McAllen Ranch, Linn Texas. 100% Grass Fed All Natural Beef.  Our beef has never been implanted with hormones or given antibiotics or medications.  It is "single sourced" meaning you can be sure that our product is coming from one source, ranch direct.  USDA inspected, and blast frozen for safety and quality.


  1. My family greatly enjoyed the ground beef we purchased from Rancher's Roundtable. It had a great beef-y flavor, was not overly greasy or too dry, and a good texture. We were able to sautee veggies in the same pan after browning the beef. It also makes a great burger! We plan to purchase again. Also, they provide GREAT customer service and good price, too!

  2. Had this today in chili and it was wonderful! It had the perfect about of fat, not too dry! Will definitely purchase again!


  3. Hamburgers on the grill were great. Picadillo was great. I grilled HEB sirloin and RRountable eye of round steaks they were both cooked to medium and I believe RR eye o'round were just as tender. I never like round steak because I thought it was tough but these are great. I will say the ground beef was coarser than I expected it works out great for some dishes but for quick stir-fry you taste the nerve pieces my 6 yr old didn't like that. 15% fat good balance. Very Good beef taste.