Dec 15, 2010


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Business Info: Beulah Land Acres, Pastured Poultry
Location: Devine, TX
Website: n/a
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E-Mail: favablue AT
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  1. We also bought poultry from Beulah Land Acres this past weekend and were very
    pleased with the quality of the chicken. The birds are big, cleaned out very
    nicely, and have a delicious flavor. We also enjoyed meeting Kandace and her
    beautiful family. I was so impressed with their children and young ones. They
    are helpful and cordial, very well mannered. They took the time to talk to us
    and explain how their chickens were raised, and packed everything and put it
    into our car for us. We promptly ate a whole chicken the next day! Yummy!
    Will definitely be purchasing again. Thanks Beulah Land Acres!