Jan 3, 2011


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Business Info: Green Hills Poultry -
We produce pasture raised broilers. We specialize in slow growing breeds. At
the time of processing (7-8 weeks of age) our broilers average 3.5 to 4.5 pounds
in weight. Our feed contains no antibiotics or hormones, and is non-GMO. We
feed Hiland Naturals only (hilandnaturals.com).
Location: D'Hanis, TX
Website:  http://www.greenhillspoultry.com to make your reservation via PayPal.
(Or contact, for a printable order form.)

Contact Person: Travis Krause,
E-mail: travis@greenhillspoultry.com
Phone: 830-426-9232


  1. The broiler we tried had great flavor, was tender not chewy or tough at all, had good healthy color, and juicy, too! Mr. Krause is working hard to raise a truly high quality pastured poultry and it shows! What a blessing to have access to such yummy 'real food'!

  2. I agree with Angel...these birds are top-quality. Great color, sturdy bones for broth-making, and absolutely delicious. Love their online ordering service. Can't wait to try out their already cut-up broilers and chicken backs/wings/necks for broth-making. This is a service I have found no where else in SA. A pasture-raised already cut-up chicken? That's just awesome.