Jan 3, 2011


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Business Info: Dominion Acres
Location: We are
located in Natalia, which is southwest of SA, 13 miles outside of 1604 on IH-35.
Contact Person: Bob and Rita Clark.
E-Mail: rita@dominionacres.com
Contact #: 830-663-5828

Our broilers are pasture-raised, non-medicated, with no antibiotics. They have
been butchered to ensure maximum blood drainage, then chilled, packaged and
frozen, for a clean, healthy bird. Birds are mostly between the 5 and 6 pound
range, and are $3 a pound.

We are a small family operation. Broilers range from 4-7 pounds, and are priced at $3.00 per pound. For orders of 10 or more birds, we will deliver. You may also pickup at our place.

We also, have raw honey available. This is locally harvested honey (Frio County). Our honey prices are:
1# - $5.00 (available in glass or plastic)
2# - $9.50 (available in glass or plastic)
1/2 gallon - $14.00
1 gallon - $28.00

Dominion Acres
Gen 1:28
Not just handmade…but homemade, naturally…

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  1. We roasted one and it was absolutely spectacular! It was juicy and tender, and such amazing chicken-y flavor! One of the best we’ve ever had- hands down. Mr & Mrs Clark are also super generous and go above and beyond to provide wonderful customer service.