Jan 3, 2011


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Business Info: Dominion Acres
Location: We are
located in Natalia, which is southwest of SA, 13 miles outside of 1604 on IH-35.
Contact Person: Bob and Rita Clark.
E-Mail: rita@dominionacres.com
Contact #: 830-663-5828

We also, have raw honey available. This is locally harvested honey (Frio County). The honey is golden. It is warmed only to the extent needed to pour into containers - approximately 110 degrees. Our honey prices are:
1# - $5.00 (available in glass or plastic)
2# - $9.50 (available in glass or plastic)
1/2 gallon - $14.00
1 gallon - $28.00

Our broilers are pasture-raised, non-medicated, with no antibiotics. They have
been butchered to ensure maximum blood drainage, then chilled, packaged and
frozen, for a clean, healthy bird. Birds are mostly between the 5 and 6 pound
range, and are $3 a pound.

We are a small family operation. Broilers range from 4-7 pounds, and are priced at $3.00 per pound. For orders of 10 or more birds, we will deliver. You may also pickup at our place.

Dominion Acres
Gen 1:28
Not just handmade…but homemade, naturally…

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